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Student Leadership is an important part of the college that gives the students a shot at leadership & service. A huge part of leadership is responsibility and selfless service, and as such, we take student leadership very seriously. Quite a number of our students have gained valuable leadership traits that have gone on to serve them well long into the future.

The student leadership comprises of;

   1. The School Prefects
   2. Student Representative Council
   3. Class Prefects

The three offices with different job specifications.

The School Prefects
Carefully selected by the school management & staff, taking into consideration a number of very important factors. Their primary duties are to serve as;
-students leaders
-a positive example to others
-an ambassador of the college

The Student Representative Council (SRC)
Whilst sharing some duties with the prefects like being positive examples to others. However, their primary duty (asides being an effective intermediary between the students and management) is to keep the prefects in check from the students’ point of view, making sure they’re carrying out their duties as they should (they keep the prefects honest). They function somewhat like the senate of the school.

The Class Prefects
Popularly referred to as “class captains” their primary function is to effectively manage affairs at classroom level.

All three leadership levels make up the Student Leadership in Emplace College.

Our School Prefects!

Benjamin Omotosho

Head Boy 20/21 set

Moyosore Okanlawon

Head Girl 20/21 set

Timilehin Akinsorotan

Deputy Head Boy 20/21 set

Oluwaseyi Okundalaye

Deputy Head Girl 20/21 set