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Students in Emplace College are required to complete a six-year academic program before graduation. There are 6-grade levels, with each level having at least three arms each A to C.  A class teacher is designated to each arm and this teacher is in most cases the one who is with that class for the entire academic year.

Lectures are taken in spacious and properly ventilated classrooms, with each classroom fitted with an interactive whiteboard and other necessary gadgets to aid 21st-century teaching and learning. The class teachers are expected to have contact with their students every day of the week during daily attendance registration. They (class teachers) also attend to the pastoral needs of the students or refer them to the school counselor on issues that might be detrimental to their academics.

There are four academic departments in the school, supervised by departmental heads.

Social Sciences, Arts, Pure Sciences and Languages

Academic Trial

Junior & secondary school students will be placed on academic trial for the next grading term/session when at the end of a grading term, they have an overall average below our least acceptable score of 60%, or fail a subject.

The academic trial is a programme aimed at getting our weak students to work at an an acceptable pace, through close monitoring. During the academic trial period, the students participation in extra-curricular activities, club programs as well as sporting activities would be considerably reduced and monitored to allow the student more time for academic work. The student is given extra support and encourgement during this process, as the idea is that it is seen as a corrective measure as opposed to some sort of punishment.

Curriculum Overview

Emplace College is located within Ondo State and as such follows the directives issued from the Ondo Ministry of Education. Therefore we are continually developing our curriculum provision map so that it integrates the Nigerian, British and American curricula into one comprehensive programme of study.

At Emplace College all students will experience a broad and balanced curriculum covering the following focused subject areas: English, Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, Religious education, Information technology, History, Geography, French, Yoruba, Physical education, Arts and Design, Drama and Music. All of these will be a blend of the American, British and Nigerian content.

A number of our students also undertake extra studies for the JAMB, SAT, WAEC and NECO examinations.

The curriculum at Emplace College covers at least 20 discrete courses of study. These are then grouped into 4 Curriculum Areas, each led by a team leader:

Junior Secondary School

English Studies


Basic Science and Technology

  •     Basic Science
  •     Basic Technology
  •     Physical and Health Education
  •     Computer Studies

Business studies

Religious and National Values

  •      Christian Religious Studies
  •      Social Studies
  •      Civic Education
  •      Security Education

Pre-Vocational Studies

  •     Home Economics
  •     Agricultural Science)

Culture and Creative Arts

  •     Music
  •     Fine  Art

Yoruba Language

French Language

Senior Secondary School

Compulsory Cross-Cutting Subjects

English Language

General Mathematics

Civic Education


Trade/Entrepreneurship Subject (Catering Craft Practice OR Data Processing OR Animal Husbandry )

Science Subjects





Computer Studies(Optional)

Further Mathematics(Optional)

Art Subjects

Literature in English


Christian Religious Knowledge



Visual Arts