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Guidance & Counselling is a very important to us in Emplace College, as we see it as an opportunity to in some cases get close enough to the children I other to help them. A lot of times we need help, and we do not even realize it. It could be the transition from home to school or boarding school, trying to keep ahead above water academically and or socially, discovering gifts and talents, the challenges of being a teenager, career support, subject combinations and many others.

The objective of the counselling program here in Emplace College includes; to bring the students to an increased understanding of the educational, vocational and social information needed to make wise choices.

We believe that the work of counselling has to stem from a genuine desire to care a great deal, which is why we have competent hands in the department, closely supervised by the director of school.

The work of counselling is a collective effort on the part of the teachers, which is why the teachers also play a part and in cases where students need to be referred, they are taken to the school counsellor. All personnel involved are adequately trained and retrained.

Counselling and Guidance Services

 Emplace College Guidance and Counselling provides the following services:

·         Individual Counselling

·         Academic Support services 

·         Group Counselling

·         Career support (transition)