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Graduation Ceremony 2019

Graduation Ceremony 2019

It was yet another graduation ceremony here at Emplace College. The event which kicked off at 2 pm sharp had the student, staff, and parents graced the occasion with their presence. It began with the Emplace Choir giving a beautiful rendition to a beautiful song, ushering I the graduands led by the proprietress, Reverends Dr. Damilola Oshin. The school’s director, Mr. Sheyi Akinso, in a speech delivered to the graduands, expressed shock as to how time flew. He also seized the opportunity to urge the rest of the students to not be in a hurry to graduate. He told them to enjoy the time they had left, and to make each second count.

It is in the Emplace college style to bring its one hundred presentations during ceremonies like these. No surprise the choreographies’ song presentations, bible, and poem recitation was very much enjoyed by everyone presents – especially our esteemed parents. The annual Head Boy speech given by Goodluck Samuel entailed his gratitude towards the proprietress and teachers for their unending support throughout is a journey. He also celebrated his fellow classmates and wished them well in their future endeavors. following his speech, certificates were presented to the graduands, followed by a brief photo session with the proprietress.

The prize-giving ceremony is usually varied out alongside the graduation ceremony. From each class, the students who obtain the best results in their various subjects are recognized and rewarded. The entire ceremony then wrapped up with an emotional farewell song from the Emplace Choir.


February 2020, the lives of Nigerians changed in ways that could never have been imagined. The coronavirus made its debut and that marked the beginning of a challenging journey. We had of course heard the news of the virus making its mark on China, the United States, and other pioneer countries, in the beginning, infecting people at a slow but steady rate. This made a good number of us think that the outbreak was not something to make a fuss about and that it would blow over real quick like the Ebola outbreak in 2014. Many speculations were made that Nigerians would not be able to contract Covid-19 due to their dark skin color which was believed to be ‘resistant’ to the virus. Few months down the line, panic began to set in when the Nigerian recorded its index case. We all scampered for safety and took cover. From then on, things took a completely different turn from what they used to be. Many activities were disrupted, including the school calendar. We then resorted to learning online.

However, presently, the figures of the infected people have been gradually regressing, making some believe that the war is almost over. It would however be unwise to throw caution to the wind and abandon laid-down guidelines for this reason. Togetherness and cooperation would help us make sure that we see the end of this pandemic.

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