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Modern State Of The Art Learning Facilities

Our classrooms have suitable large spaces with hands-on resources giving students the opportunity to construct their own learning experience. Also, as an institution that is technology-driven, we have interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, creating a more fun and interesting learning experience.

Computer Room

The school has a fully functional ICT room with 21st-century capabilities, to allow the students observe, explore, solve problems and make exciting discoveries for themselves. Futhermore, valuable skills skills needed for the future of work are gained, as well as an opportunity for collaboration and interaction between peers and their instructors.

Well Equipped Laboratories

We realize that visualizing the learning process and practicalizing it as well goes a long way to helping them better understand the subject topic. Across the junior and senior classes, they all participate in practical classes that directly relate to the level they’re in.

Sporting Events

Over time, sports have proven to be one of the activities that bring people together, both young and old. In the academic environment, it helps a great deal with teamwork, reduce academic pressure, problem-solving skills, and in a number of cases, boost self-esteem.

Interactive White board

Interactive Room

We place a lot of importance on interactive sessions. A more relaxed environment where more room is given to the students to troubleshoot academic ideas and come up with their conclusions, under the guidance of their teachers. Aimed at having the students fully understand and comprehend academic concepts and how they apply to our everyday lives. The rooms are conducive and equipped with modern facilities as well as presentation capabilities.

Well furnished Libraries

The college is very well equipped with resources (both print & media) for the students, and beyond that it is always accessible.