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The student life here in Emplace College is a fast-paced, tasking, exciting and enjoyable one, tailored to suit the academic, physical and social demands of the students.

With a range of extra and co-curricular programs, the students are always productively engaged. From their very first day on campus, the pupils are almost immediately immersed in an inclusive community that presents a wide range of opportunities.

Our team of teaching and non-teaching staff are an important part of the students’ experience, as they are the first points of contact for the students, they have in turn been very well equipped to help the students have a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

The Emplace college community is highly multi-cultural, as it is home to students of different ethnic backgrounds. The objective is that it help students with knowledge construction, prejudice reduction and more on the part of the teachers it helps with content integration and equity pedagogy. It also goes a long way to broaden the horizon of the students along the lines of their inter-personal skills (people skills), as well as respect and tolerance for others. 

We strongly believe that no two children have the exact same competencies, and as such, every one child has something unique to offer. Which is one of the reasons we expose the children to an array of activities and student clubs such that each and every child finds somewhere to fit in, some of these include; dance & drama, Emplace mass choir, mathematics club, chess club, scrabble & monopoly club, languages, literary & debating society, photography, JET’s club, press club and sports. There is a place for every child, no child should be left behind.

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