Time out with an alumnus: Alleluya Coker

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Time out with an alumnus: Alleluya Coker

Time out with an alumnus: Alleluya Coker

Some weeks ago, our correspondent (Wunmi Olajide Priscilla) had a chat with an alumnus from last year’s TRACE 20 set, Alleluya Coker, we enjoyed every bit of it and weΒ  hope you do too.

Interviewer: Welcome Alleluya, thank you for honouring our invitation.

Alleluya: Β No problem at all, its my pleasure

Interviewer: It’s been rougly seven months since you graduated how has life after secondary school been like?

Alleluya: Hmmm, adventurous, it has been quite interesting but strange. Being in a new environment, meeting new people and all.

Interviewer: (Laughs) I’m sure you had an imagination of how University was going to be like, did it turn out that way?

Alleluya: (laughs) Well, not really, in fact no. It was much more than I expected, not in a good way though. Reality slaps hard. We all thought “oh it’ll be a fun ride” with the freedom and all, but it’s quite different. It is definitely fun, but it is not what I expected.

Interviewer: (laughs) guess I have to prepare myself for the reality then

Alleluya: Definitely.

Interviewer: What’s one thing you learnt from Emplace College that helped you in the higher institution?

Alleluyah: (sighs) oh, that’s a hard one Emplace has really taught me a lot! I feel like Emplace College has moulded me into who I am in the university and that has helped me a lot.

Interviewer: Excellent! Do you sometimes wish you could come back to Emplace?

Alleluya: Oh yes! I miss Emplace really bad. We were all excited to graduate and go, but now I sometimes wish I could come back.

Interviewer: Awww. What do you miss most about secondary School?

Alleluya: My friends, I miss them a lot. My school life from primary school down to secondary school revolved around Mummy’s Place and Emplace college with all of my friends. Now, moving up without them is a bit different, I really miss them.

Interviewer: I’m sure they feel the same way. Coming back to school, have you noticed anything different?

Alleluya: Not really, to be fair, I’ve only been gone Seven months (laughs).

Interviewer: (laughs) I guess so too. Is there anything, incident or anybody from Emplace College that you will never forget?

Alleluya: Uncle Seyi, the Director. I will forever cherish the advices he gave to us and the impact he had on us all.

Interviewer: What have you been up to?

Alleluya: Mostly school work and a little business on the side, “a side hustle”…lol

Interviewer: What advice do you have for us still in Emplace?

Alleluya: Enjoy every moment, in a blink, it will all be gone. Enjoy it, cherish it.

Interviewer: Thank you! Thank you very much for giving us your time. Do enjoy your visit back to Emplace and we hope we see you again soon.

Alleluyah: Thank you I will.

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