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Educating to effect societal change

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an enabling student-centered classroom environment where all students feel comfortable and safe enough to have freedom of expression, supported and bold enough for critical inquiry and confident enough to strive for excellence in all endeavours, so they can grow to be useful in the 21st-century society. Through care, we inculcate in them the value of self-esteem as well as respect for others so they can be dignified people who appreciate and tolerate individual differences.

We Believe that;

-All students have the potential to learn and excel

-No two children have the exact same competencies

-All children are innately curious & creative

-All children have the ability to succeed and achieve their life goals

-A solid value system will serve our children long into the future

-Products/Graduands of this college have a real shot at effecting societal change and making a difference.